:Workers’ demands movement orders

Workers’ demands movement orders

Stop prisoner killings

The list of the workers and other inmates killed in this “front “ is getting longer. The executioner has to be stopped. A very clear demand of the communist workers’ movement is: release all political prisoners! When the felons of capital fear falling and kill our children, we must cry louder: .Stop killing the prisoners! The worker-prisoner killings must be stopped

After killing Sattar Beheshti, Hoda Saber, Alireza Karami Kheirabadi, Zahra Bani Ja´goob Mohsen Dokmechi, Mansoor Radpour, Zahra Kazemi, Omidreza Mirsayafi, Heshmat Saran, Alborz Ghasemi, Akbar Mohammadi, Hassan Nahid, Abdurreza Rajabi and Aliakbar Saidi-Sirjani, the frightened executioners killed Afshin Ossanlou

We should answer the felons of capital with a clamorous class mobility; as national as international! However, without a significant movement within the country, the international class support will not give the immediate desired effect. These days, while the oppressors make a big show of their “electoral victory”,  we should sieze the opportunity to challenge their political moderation”

“Stop killing prisoners!” must be our strong, clear demand! It can win broad support, as it invokes our demand for the release of political prisoners. Today, our international political environment is favourable and this movement will resonate far and wide.

.  lMosleh Rebwar

rebwar @ gmail.com

The appropriate response to Khatami´s dull words

Labour demands, a movement that aims towards a Communist partisanship

Endure, for the time being! This was the message from Khatami and the smiling bourgeoisie, on June the 19th 13, to the workers and the exploited. And this “for the time being ” lasts throughout their reign! They´re actually saying: “Submit, or capital will flee the country and unemployment, inflation and misery will get worse! Let alone the possibility of that disaster happening in Syria and Libyan!

The working class holds the key to unemployment, inflation, gender inequality, child labour, drug addiction and thousands of other social venoms spew by this thousand-headed dragon. The labour movement is the best means to harness nuclear and military ambitions of the bourgeoisie and their scramble for power in the region – particularly when we see the swelling ranks (albeit slow) of communist-conscious workers in Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Iraq and so on.

What is more fair and just than to demand an increase in wages – at least above the poverty line – a reduction in working hours, adequate unemployment insurance, equal rights between men and women, a ban on child labour and unconditional freedom of political thoughts and associations?

The communist worker movement is the answer to these gentlemen – a movement that offers an immediate solution to unemployment, which is shorter working hours. This remedy will ease the daily grind of those already in work, while creating jobs for the unemployed. It will also pave the way for an alliance between employed workers and the unemployed ones.

Higher wages – at least above poverty line – and adequate unemployment benefits will lead to a reduction in child labour among impoverished families, who now have little choice but to turn their kids out on the heartless streets to find work.

Unconditional political freedom and the release of all political prisoners, freedom of association and political parties, full economic and social equality between men and women, are other objectives that will guarantee the dignity and independence of women, men and children in society.

This movement does not posterior the struggle for the formation of worker organizations; but priorities it! It is in the furnace of this struggle that future cadres and leaders are born. Though the saying “chicken and egg” comes to mind here – the movement needs a leader.

But, are we at the beginning of a communist movement? There are no shortages of competent and sagacious working class leaders.  What we need is a decisive march towards communism at a time when the capitalist crisis has brought us, the 99%, nothing but misery and hell. Labour leaders must consolidate all their efforts to establish communist organizations on our own arena, to counter bourgeois organizations, which actually perpetuate slave labour and lead to the nowhere land of the Khatami-Hashemi utopia, or similar!

Khatami, the president of the 18th Tir repression1, Hashemi, of the serial killing2, and Roohani, the lackey of this criminal Islamic Republic from the very beginning, have no business deciding the fate of the working class. Let them draw their daggers, as they have done throughout the last three decades. We will face them without fear nor illusions and with effective tactics.

W o r k e r s   a n d   the o p p r e s s e d   i n   T u r k e y ,   B r a z i l ,   G r e e c e ,   S t o c k h o l m ,   L o n d o n ,   P a r i s   a n d   other parts of the world are on   t h e   s t r e e t s ,   o r g a n i sing  s t r i k e s ,   e v e n   s o m e  fed-up p e o p l e   s a t   f i r e   to the calmness of capital   in a cry against the capitalist system, which they know is not sustainable. What is missing is a communist horizon to rid the world of these costly riots, free humanity from these looters’ bloody claws and organize a humane, happy and creative world!

Such an effort requires a concerted effort by us, the 99%, to organize. We mustn’t leave it to the various shades of bourgeois movements such as the feminists or the islamists. Even trade unions have shown themselves to be impotent in the face of this struggle. An independent labour movement is necessary to sweep away the organs of class exploitation and mount the building blocks of socialism and communism.

It is more than a hundred years since the working class began organizing parties on class lines. Decisive victories, revolutions and important gains have been won. Today we are facing a new global challenge which, perhaps, demands a deeper analysis of our past experiences and our theoretical tools. But the practical step now is a communist-conscious labour movement that aims to crush the entire system of capitalism through a revolution! Such a movement thrives on collective action such as strikes as well as conscious and constant analysis of the progresses and setbacks. Local labour councils will spring up and pave the way for the building of communist parties, why even a communist-International.

This is not easy, but still the easiest way out! Any other way will lead to the dead end of capitalism and prolonged and unnecessary suffering of the masses.

Back to Khatami´s and Roohani´s dull words, which echoes that said by leaders of other capitalist countries and lackeys of the bourgeoisie. “Fag, for the time being!” is not only the mantra of Iranian sheikhs but also of the crisis-afflicted Obama and Cameron, even the developing economies like India, China and Russia.

Only to the victims of bourgeois illusions would consider Iran’s latest elections a “triumph.” Both Roohani and lackeys like Rafsanjani and Khatami, as well as Khameneie and others, are all more cautious and alert. Maybe they sense the doom that has been prepared for them by the tsunami of the worker movement.


!It was not a natural catastrophe

Everybody is talking about the “natural catastrophe” in South East Asia. Is it really natural? Or it is structural? When everybody know[1]s that the tsunami could kill much less if just they did warn the people before, it couldn’t be accounted as a simply natural disaster. Yes, it is structural.

We should not forget that it was the tourism industry behind the picture. The authorities who did not care on people’s lives when the industry might take a risk made the experts quiet about any warning. And the result is:

  • More than 100000 killed in more than 10 countries amongst the poorest in the world;
  • Some million more are injured and homeless;
  • A property of value of some billion is been destroyed which must be recovered by our works and expense.
  • And who knows about the psychological and other consequences…

It was a structural disaster indeed. It is capitalism with its focus on profit and income for tourism that ignored the warning from the meteorologists before some hour. It was a good fortune to save masses of lives even possibly all those lives that got lost.

And now they are going to help! However, we know all how it goes. The riches get the most again and the really guilty people try to get rid of the critics…

In every disaster it is the poor people who bear the biggest part of the suffering. That is quite enough to accuse this class society. However, this time it is much more clear that the system causes such a disaster for us all. Why should we hold this system?

[1] According: TheThailand’s newspaper, The Nation, 28 Dec 04 which is been quoted by many newspapers all around the world, among them Dagens Nyheter inStockholmSweden on the same day.


!International Women’s Day should be a holiday

Since the collapse of the Soviet bloc, the worker’s movement has received a severe blow and with it the struggle for women’s rights has been weakened.

Yet now it is more important than ever that the struggle for women’s political and social rights is highlighted and evaluated. Never before have women participated in the labour market in such huge numbers.

International Women’s Day should be a holiday, so we can celebrate and review the progress and set backs in our fight.

Unlike Christmas or Easter, which come from superstition, March 8 is rooted in the working class movement and real human struggle. This day was chosen to commemorate a demonstration by women workers at aNew Yorkclothing factory in 1907, which was violently crushed by police.

It is a shame that many people are unaware of this day, but I think if Women’s Day was a holiday, more people would remember it and celebrate it. A day of demonstration and events to promote women’s rights would be an effective method to raise the consciousness and organization of our sisters.

Gender inequalities in the western nations may seem less visible than those ofAfghanistanandIran- where women have almost no rights and are being stoned for sexual misconduct.

Many would like us to believe that women have achieved equality with men in here, but significant inequality continues to go on under our noses. According to the Statistics on the Structure of Earnings (SSE), the average earnings of women working full-time in industry and services in the EU were only around 75% of those of men in 1995.

As long as capitalism exists, so will patriarchy and all forms of chauvinism. Let International Women’s day remind us of the struggles of the past so as to inspire us in the struggle to end all forms of exploitation and oppression, for socialism and communism.

Josef Rebwar;Thursday, 4 March 2004,Gothenburg,Sweden.

A Narrow Escape

April the twelfth 1991, our camp around Suleimanyiah-city                                                                     Kurdistan, (Iraq)

Dangerous news: the Iraqi-troops approach. There is no more hope to save a free territory around here. The so called No-Fly Zone is no more and the Kurdish nationalist troops do not fight. They have already given up.

I fear for my mother’s life as she is still in the city. She is alone at her house awaiting me, my wife and our little daughter,Ala, who has been brought up by her. She wants to see us one last time before leaving forIran.

April the thirteenth 1991, Suleimanyiah-city


It is so wonderful to see my mother, safe, again. LittleAlahas got the most part of the pleasure. But our happy reunion is short-lived, as the heavy dark night with its black rain lurks around the corner.

There is no electricity or a drop of water in the pipes since the beginning of the war. However, a lot of black rain pours from the heavy black clouds above the city. Strange, isn’t it?Kuwaitis quite far away, but even here the clouds have been heavily smudged  by the thick smoke fromKuwait’s burning oil wells.

April the fourteenth 1991, Suleimanyiah-city


Danger is getting closer. Too few people remain in the city. Even those few are leaving quickly. We must send mother away and leave as well. They say that the troops shoot everything that moves and loot the houses and properties. They’ve already made a really spooky city ofKirkuk, the latest city they’ve occupied.

April the fifteenth 1991, Suleimanyiah-city


Luckily, we succeeded in sending mother back toIranat the last moment. Now we must save ourselves. We obviously cannot evacuate any furniture. We barely have time to remove everything from the front rooms to the backyard to make the house appear empty. Hopefully this way the troops will think the place is empty and will not bother looting it.

‘My goodness!’ cries Oze (my wife), `They are on the doorstep, already´. I jump up and say: ´So strange; without firing a shot?´ Then, I look through the window. Yes, there they are. Three troop-carriers are standing, a bit farther, in the street.

-Be careful dad; says my daughter; they will shoot you.

-We must finish the job; I say with a sigh; we still have time.

Alais so scared and we try to calm her down.

-It’ll be all right; my wife says with a shaky voice while trying to hide her own fear; things will sort themselves out in the end.

I help carry the last things to the back-yard.

A few moments later I can see the troops storming the house, as I keep watch through the narrow opening in the door of the room in which we are hiding. Yes; a half dozen soldiers, armed to the teeth, coming into the front-yard. They’re quite cautious and almost scared. Thus they do not want to come closer, furthermore, they think that the house is evacuated. Then, they leave as cautiously as they came. We breathe a sigh of relief.

April the sixteenth 1991, Suleimanyiah-city


We have to stay for a while, absolutely silent and quiet, without going out. However, we’ve got almost nothing to eat.

Some water, some flour and sugar and a bit of butter is all that we have. I suggest baking some cakes, but none of us have an appetite. It’s not the first time, for me and for my wife, to be in a ghostly town, but for our daughter it is all new.

April the seventeenth 1991, Suleimanyiah-city

Since we hear no noise, I tiptoe out very carefully.

-It’s quite strange; I say to my self; there are no troop-carriers in the street. It seems to be safe and quiet everywhere.

The phone lines are dead of course. Thus we cannot call anyone.

-Anyway, we have to get away as soon as possible; I suggest when I come back into the house.

Soon after, we are in the back-streets, traipsing to find the least dangerous way out of town. The troops are probably tired and think that there are not enough people remaining in the town to be worried about.

Two hours later, we are out in the forest in the suburbs, shambling towards our camp which is in our sight.