The presence of socialism and the shame of capitalism in the debate of the  American presidential election candidates 

The presence of socialism and the “danger of socialism” in the political arena of the greatest and most powerful capitalist imperialism is promising and shakes the backs of both candidates!
In a debate between US presidential candidates last night (September 28th), Donald Trump called the American protest movement as socialism and accused Biden of it; Biden, of course, is marginalized! Not only that, Camilla Harris and Bernie Sanders do not want to have to be a part of it; But socialism has been announcing its presence in America for years!
Long ago, and specifically since last presidential elections four years ago, the bourgeoisie has been terrified of the presence and “danger” of socialism; a socialism, which is on its way to raising awareness and maturing; This movement knows the opportunists and the reformists trapped in it, better and better. The fascist line-up, Trump’s outspoken support for them, Biden’s confusion, and the opportunism of the likes of Sanders leave the movement with no choice but to become radicalized and communist; We have a long way to go to hear the promise of its beginning.
But the bourgeois media cannot hide their shame at the sight of these two charlatans, who have declared themselves candidates for the leadership of the greatest imperialist power, and they seem to be unable to solve or even cover it up! The division of the American bourgeoisie and the despair of their wiser leaders is, actually, our hope, not only in the United States but all over the world; including Iran! The emergence of radical socialism in the United States will certainly be effective in strengthening socialism in the world and specifically in Iran. I can even say that the main obstacle of the communist workers’ movement in countries like Iran is the lack of interest of communism, after the degeneration of the Soviet Union, and especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union, among the workers of the metropolitan countries.
I remember that communism was more popular in Iran than it is now, and leading workers broke free to read the books of Marx and Lenin (then called “white covers” because they were published in small white-printed pamphlets under imperial oppression). But the collapse of the Soviet Union and the debris of the bourgeois propaganda of the twentieth century, which trumpeted the “end of history” and the final victory of slavery, for a period of nearly a decade, deprived communism of the workers’ movement;
However, since the beginning of this century, our movement has gradually straightened out. This growing wave of socialism in the United States is a very promising sign that it can, not only in the United States, but also in other metropolitan countries, expose the opportunist social reformists of Islam in the world and lead to a more radical socialist uprising and a maximalist communism.
In Iran, where the labor movement already respects communism, this uprising of workers and the oppressed people of the United States will have a significant impact on the growing credibility of communism and will push the overthrow movement forward.
Each of these two charlatan presidential candidates will win the fancy dress ball of US election in November, facing this radical movement of workers, women, blacks and people of color! A confrontation against which they seem unplanned and unresolved! May the advanced society of America be the vanguard of a new socialist omen!