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And I republish the following lyric of mine which I wrote in honor of their previous strike in last november. Mosleh Rebwar

 To the protesting people, on wednesday 14th November 2012
It´s Time!

Unite! Unite!
Yaaaaaaah; it´s time
Don´t be late!
Yaaaah; it is time!
They can´t rein any more;
it is time!
We can´t stand it; no more;
it is time!
time to unite;
Yaaaah; it is time!
Time to get back
what we lost before;
Yaaaah; it is time!
get together;
get the power!
Yaaaah; it is time!
Don´t be silly don´t be late!
Yaaaah; it is time to unite!
Yaaaah; it is time!
Unite! unite!
No borders, but class
Yaaaah; it is time!
for the sunrise;
it is time!
for the rainfalls
it is time!
for all the dreams
it is time!
all the blood “we shed before”
it is time!
for “the crying Earth”
it is time!
for “the weeping shores”
it is time!
time to “glance beyond the stars”
it is time!
after so much “we drifted far”
Yaaaah; it is time to unite!
“Nothing to lose but our chains”
u…ni…te! …U…NI…TE!
What is waiting are our gains
it´s time!
time for the “forcible overthrow”
let them tremble when we all say: Down with you
it´s time!

!Well done

!Well done

From the squares, from the streets

,To strikes

!Ya, Well done

!Occupy ALL streets

!N strike

From Taksim Square n Tahreer Square

2 Tehran ´n Madrid n many others

Not only 70 of the whole 80 cities in Turkey

But thousands of cities n squares all around the whole world

In the world´s very hearts n squares

In Greece not only Athens, neither only London in GB, nor only Stockholm´s Rinkeby or Husby

N newly

!!Rio de Janeiro!!

Bravo Rio; Bravo

 Bravo Sao Paulo

And many other squares

So busy squares

And also Wall Street

… Everywhere

ya ya


!Occupy! Occupy

Not only Wall Street

But also all streets

Occupy all streets

All streets

N strike!

And go on

From all the squares, from all the streets

,To strikes

Ya, Well done

Deliver the message

From Taksim

to Tahreer n much more

Athens n even more, to Hackney in London, even more

Stockholm´s Rinkeby n Husby even more

And newly

Rio de Janiero

Sao Paulo…

Ya almost everywhere

you can hear

!everyone cries out: Occupy all streets

!N strike

?Did I say everyone

!O, Except their god; the god of the market

The god of Rich Men’s World

The market

It´s afraid

…Even scared of this voice

Occupy all streets

!Then go on n strike

From all those squares, from all those streets

,To strikes

!Ya, well done

!Well well done

M Rebwar

Against The Death Penalty



To: The International Campaign Against The Death Penalty



Prevent killing
?through killing
?Are you kidding
;Why you then, murder the lovers
?Are they killers
?Or love makers
?Life makers
!O, yes; illegal love makers
!They are illegal life makers

Prevent killing
?through killing
?Are you kidding
Why then, execute a soldier
?who refuses to kill some foreign soldiers
?Why then hang a thief of horses
!!You are reigning
!Yes; As a matter of fact;

You are reigning

;Through killing

A very heartless

very planned public killing

yes, you killers

reign over us

through killing


?Punishment? Are you punishing
?Punishing whom
?Punishing professional Killers? Your huge Armies
?Your own killing machines colleagues
?Your Pentagon
who kill innocents, always
in their fields
?and then you call it battle fields
!You never punish, no, never

as a matter of fact,


never you punish your own killing machines

But you’re reigning

as a matter of fact you’re reigning

through killing and your killers; yes you reign over us all


You can kill us

but not kid us

You can not kid us anymore

You can kill me

but not fool me

You and your cruel power

reign over us you murderer

You wanna make me obey

never, noway

You have never prevented any murderer

You are the murderer’s master.

You´re reigning! As a matter of fact, you´re reigning
Through killing.
and your killers
;You reign over us all
Time to stop you, murderer

Time to prevent killing, Stop you

Stop your damn killing machines

Stop your damn reigning machines

Stop killing-reinging machines

If not in a battle field yet

In all kind of fields to begin with.

gonna stop killing machines
reigning machines
Stop killing-reigning machines
;If not in battle fields, yet
.then in butter fields, just to begin with
Mosleh Rebwar

!!!Involving in U

It gives me a lot
A lot of passion
A lot of rest
A lot of sunshine
A lot of best
A lot of flavor
A lot of sense
And appetite
To be involved even more
In you
And continue
To be involved
In a common feel
Common desire
Common expectation
A common hope
A common heartbeat
A common rise
A common triumph
A common victory, a common voice with a loud sound
To thank U…
And continue
To be involved in youuuuu
Even more involved in youuuuu…

?White or Black

So brutally, slaughtered they were …

                            our black comrades,
                            in that great golden mine
Think; they still got the strength fighting…
Something new; isn´t it…?
                                  Isn´t it…?
So brutally, slaughtered they were …
                         our black comrades,
                         in that white golden mine
Their warm hands now frozen;
                         No more golden…
And listen to them:
              The adviser
-White gold
      or black workers,
            “That is the question”;
and the Boss:
-The white gold; of course!
-Though, no white gold
without black workers,
-We need them too, then!
            not the wise ones;
-There won´t be many left; Boss!..
-Who cares?!
-But there won´t be much white gold, then…
-O, yes! Then use some dumbing-machine ,,,
-Dumbing-machine? Is there such a thing,
-Surely…There is a lot…
               Call the Church…
                             the ANC …